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How it works

Three simple steps to placing bees on Rayonier land

Licensing land for your bees is a simple process with Rayonier! Here are the steps involved in becoming a Rayonier Beekeeper:

  1. Use our mapping tool to hone in on a location that would be ideal for you and your bees.
  2. Complete the contact form to let us know what location you're interested in and what your specific needs are.
  3. Work with the Rayonier Beekeeping team to secure the land using our annual beekeeping contract. If you would like to visit the property first, we can arrange that.

Some of our beekeepers license 100s of acres, some license 1000s. With approximately 2 million acres of ownership within Rayonier’s landbase, we can create a custom plan to provide the amount of acreage you need for your bees.

Rayonier's beekeeping land is available primarily in the U.S. South and Pacific Northwest, including properties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

You can search for specific property locations by using our map tool.

Our beekeeping land license contracts are an annual commitment. If you are looking for a longer term agreement, we are happy to discuss what would suit the needs of your business. Keep in mind, when the contract expires, we always give our current beekeepers the first opportunity to renew the beekeeping license on their property. It will only be offered to other beekeepers in the case that you no longer wish to use the property for your bees.

Security is important to Rayonier. Most of our forests are secured with locks and gates. You will have your own labeled lock or key to access the property where you keep your bees.